Vitamin Supplements or Intelligent Supplementation?

Shopping for Vitamin Supplements can be very frustrating, time consuming, and an expensive task for the typical person. It can also be difficult for the experienced whole-food shopper or even a knowledgeable dietician!

First, you may be wondering if you even need to use supplements. If this is the case, please first read the case of why you should use a Vitamin Supplement.

We have listed the top five attributes to look for in your search for Nutritional Supplements. This will help you on your way to good health and nutrition.

1) Choose Supplements That Are Whole-food Based

Whole Food supplements tend to be more easily recognized and absorbed by the body. They are easier on digestion to many people.

The bioavailability, or absorbability, into your system is increased. These products are also said to have more antioxidant activity than conventional vitamin supplements.

2) Choose Supplements that Include Chelated Minerals

Chelated Minerals are specially formulated mineral supplements designed to improve absorption of essential nutrients into the body. Chelated basically means "firmly attached", usually to an amino acid or other organic component so that the two do not disassociate in the digestive system.

Some minerals require chelation, while others do not. For those minerals that do need to be chelated, if they are not, it is likely that the minerals you ingest, are not absorbed and do land in the toilet!

3) Look for Pharmaceutical Grade vs. Store Grade Supplements!

Are our vitamins what they say they are?

Many brands of vitamins, that are store-grade, are by law, allowed to contain as little as 20% of what they say they are in a tablet.

If you are serious about supplementation, make sure you purchase pharmaceutical grade supplements, which are over 99% of what they say they are!

4) Filter Your System of Free Radicals!

Antioxidants prevent aging and a variety of chronic diseases by destroying free harmful radicals inside the human body.

Free radicals can damage cell walls, genetic material within cells and other cell structures. Antioxidants help in preventing disease by destroying free radicals before they get the chance to do harm to your body.

Make sure your product includes antioxidants!

Quit the Guessing Game!

Functional Metabolic Testing seems like an intense thing to do to yourself but this simple test will take away the guessing game. Do you know how when you go to the vitamin store you are not sure what Nutritional Supplements to buy? If you simply take a functional test, you can receive results so that you will know exactly which supplements to buy.

Quit the guessing game and use Intelligent Supplementation!

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