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I happen to graduate with two degrees. After student teaching in both health education and physical education, the choice of teaching health education, rather than PE, seemed much more interesting to me. I also loved the additional science courses picked up in my health degree and the fascinating subject area, especially how it pertains to our lives today!

A Bit About My Educational Background etc.

I taught Health Education for 11 years while receiving a masters in Educational Administration.

I ran track and played field hockey for OSU and traveled on a softball team for 11 years. My adult team took first in a National Softball Championship. I was named Health Teacher of the year for the State of Oklahoma during this time and coached Softball, Basketball, and Track at various levels while teaching, including coaching a softball team to a 5A State Championship.

Following my years as a collegiate athlete, I ran many 10k races and completed the Denver marathon. That was fun, actually excruciating!

Earned a Ph.D. in 2002 from University of Colorado, Denver. Became a High School Principal in 2000.

Why did I tell you all of this . . .

. . . because I want you to see that my life has revolved around health education and while achieving further degrees, I understand the importance of research and giving this knowledge to you. We want to take the most important factors of good nutritional practices and put them in simple to understand facts. Our goal is to accomplish this so that you can also improve your quality of life, slow the aging process, improve your children's health, and hopefully, find much needed information on this site!

Please contact us if you want more information about anything on this website, including Vitamin Supplements or Weight Loss products.

We do not believe in quick fixes, only life-long behavior changes.

Here is to your health!

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