Lose Belly Fat: Quick Tips!

We are going to highlight the top ways on how to lose belly fat. Why? Because have you ever been disappointed after doing weeks of set-ups and they seemed to have little effect on that stubborn fat in the middle? There are many reasons for this! Below are some major ways you can get a handle on that handle!

Increase Your Heart Rate

There is no substitute for exercise for blasting belly fat. But how much? Research says 3 hours a week or more will be optimal for losing the belly fat. This is not three hours straight, then forget it for the rest of the week! Twenty to thirty minute work outs, that increase your heart rate, are the optimal ways to accomplish this. Running, cycling, using the elliptical trainer or any other cardio exercise that gets your heart pumping to that higher level are great ways to reduce that belly fat.

Drink Green Tea

Not only does research suggest that green tea has loads of anti-oxidants, but you may get a boost in your metabolism. That increase in metabolism can lead to fat-burning and a decrease in belly fat! So, pick up that cup of green tea, especially if you are already consuming any type of caffeinated product already.

Vitamin D May be the Home Run Hitter in the Belly Fat Game

Studies show that dieters with higher levels of vitamin D lost more belly fat. Many experts have long recommended 1,000 IUs daily---far more than the 200-400 IUs recommended daily allowance.

Don’t Starve Yourself!

Eat after your workout.

Really? You bet. Eat a calibrated protein source such as a protein shake or protein bar. Studies suggest that eating protein after your workout helps burn fat.

Eat often.

At least 5 times a day so your body does not go into starvation mode. That will make your body want to store fat. Protein bars and shakes will decrease and satisfy your appetite.

Eat breakfast—

Studies suggest that protein and fiber in the morning will control cravings in the afternoon.

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