What is Glycemic Food Index?

Research has shown that the glycemic food index--GI-- may be one of the most powerful weapons in the battle of the bulge.

What is it? Think of it as number associated with a certain food, and how much that particular food raises your blood sugar level based on 50g of usable carbs.

The glycemic load--GL-- is a number that can help you choose low glycemic foods based on an average portion size. And the glycemic response is the way your body reacts to digested carbs with a temporary rise in blood glucose levels. This response can affect many important glycemic index health aspects including diabetes, heart disease as well as long term weight loss.

Low glycemic and low carb diets are diets with two different approaches to carbohydrates, but contain some similar attributes. Both diets center their weight loss strategies around controlling blood sugar, but a low carb diet restricts all carbohydrates while a low glycemic diet includes foods that have complex carbohydrates based on the glycemic index and glycemic load numbers.

Choose foods that will make you feel great!

When we choose foods that have a high glycemic food index, (GI) number that is between 70 and 100---100 is pure glucose---the carbs from those foods are absorbed very quickly, which consequently raise our blood glucose levels and can make us feel hungry very quickly.

To help control cravings and helps us feel full longer choose moderate glycemic foods, between 56 and 69, or low glycemic foods below 55. Check out how you can use the glycemic index for food to choose foods for optimal health!

What is the glycemic load number?

When you use both the GI and the glycemic load index, you will get a more complete picture of the kind of carbs that you can choose to help you stay satisfied, keep your energy at an optimal level, and improve your overall health!

Low Glycemic Diet, Low Carb Diet-- What is the difference?

So, you have decided to go on a diet. Confused by all of the different types of diets out there? How do you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a diet? Which diet will fit your lifestyle? Which diet can you sustain until you reach your goal? Which diet can help you change those bad habits and improve your health for a lifetime? Find out how you can make the best decision between a low carbohydrate diet and a low glycemic diet when you read the low carb diets article!

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