Best Ways to Lose Weight: 10 Tips for Sticking to It!

Exercise Consistently

The Best Ways to Lose Weight do not require you to become a gym rat!

Move your body! Even when ---and especially when-- you don’t feel like it!

You will get better and faster results if you get out there and move—it will make you feel better.

You don’t have to go to the gym, just take a walk. Play with the dog, plug into some great music and dance in your living room!

Find Healthy and Low Calorie Snacks that Satisfy You

No matter what, there are times when you just need a snack that is yummy. Apple slices with a little Nutella, one dark chocolate Ghirardelli square. Remember you don’t want to sabotage all the great work you have done so far , so make sure that you keep track of the calories.

Do Little Things to Make Yourself Feel Good

Give yourself non food rewards when you reach a goal. . .

A massage, facial, new workout gear, a trip to the hairdresser.

Portion Control for Your Healthy Weight Loss. These are Easy to Remember…

Food Portion should be the size of one…
Cheese Domino
Fruit Baseball
Meat or Fish Deck of Cards
Pasta Computer Mouse
Potato Light Bulb

Read Labels!

Take the time to read labels on food before you buy.

When you go out for a meal, look for nutrient/calorie content on the menu.

What are you looking for? Lower sodium content. Lower sugar. High Protein. Low fat.

Don’t Keep Tempting Foods in Your Home

Don’t go to the grocery store hungry! If you don’t have chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen, you can’t eat them in a weak moment!

Forget the chips and other empty calorie snacks.

Take a Day Off from the Diet Once Every Two Weeks

One of the best ways to lose weight is to actually go ahead and take a day off the diet for a day, but don’t go crazy.

Keep a Picture of Yourself from Your Thinner Days on Your Refrigerator

This is a good reminder to yourself that you can get there!!

Make Sure that You Have Convenient Foods Like Protein Shakes and Protein Bars on Hand

Have these convenient foods ready to grab and go. This could be one of the most important of the Weight Loss Tips because if you are prepared before your hunger hits, you will be ahead of the game! These foods will satisfy your hunger and help you lose the weight. Make sure these are calibrated and include at least 15 grams of protein and…

Remember that Alcohol Contains Empty Calories

Keep the alcohol consumption to a minimum. Champagne and wine can be lower calorie drinks, but they all add up and can sabotage your diet and workouts.

We hope this list of Weight Loss Tips can help you on your way to Healthy Weight Loss!

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