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Phyllis Emrich created this site because of her love for the field of health education. She found her way into health education in college where she had also majored in Physical Education. As she began taking courses in science, health, and nutrition, she found that health and nutrition were her passion. Throughout her years in education, Phyllis earned her master's and Ph.D.

Life-long learning is a part of her makeup and she is thoroughly enjoying researching more about supplements for quality of life, weight loss programs, and even the importance of fitness, all which impact the result of anti-aging!

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Tammy Maccalous is a second generation native Coloradoan and her love for the outdoors and sports was a natural. Her father’s family was one of the first to be involved in the Colorado ski industry in 1950’s. Tammy started skiing at the age of 3 and has never stopped. Her husband and daughter share that love, and they have had wonderful family times on the slopes. While skiing was Tammy's primary sport growing up, she also enjoyed gymnastics and ballet. Tammy has always been interested in physical fitness, and eventually taught aerobics.Her current fitness routine includes yoga along with weight training and cardio. Tammy's life revolves around staying healthy and fit! She also loves to cook in delicious and nutritious ways to enhance the nourishment of her and her family's bodies!

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